High-tech full-size SUV concept shows new Volkswagen approach to premium SUV segment

Concept car reimagines full-size SUV design in a sporty and elegant way

Active Info Display and infotainment system merge under a sheet of transparent glass to become a Curved Interaction Area

Intuitive displays and controls consist exclusively of touchscreens, gesture and voice control, touch-sensitive surfaces and shifting “by wire”

SUV couples 4MOTION all-wheel drive with a plug-in hybrid system boasting up to 375 hp of system power, 516 lb-ft of system torque
Electric range is 31 miles and combined NEDC fuel consumption is 87 mpg

T-Prime Concept GTE goes 0 to 60 mph in 6.0 seconds and has a top speed of 139 mph

Beijing, China – Volkswagen debuted the T-Prime Concept GTE in a world premiere at Auto China 2016 in Beijing today. The concept car previews the future Volkswagen SUV. The T-Prime Concept GTE is a full-size sport utility vehicle with a plug-in hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive. Volkswagen’s new Curved Interaction Area is a completely new digital display and control concept.

The innovative curved infotainment display merges with the interactive displays and controls, resulting in a new human-machine interface (HMI) that is intuitive, precise, and fun-to-use. This SUV show car combines the best of many automotive worlds: the comfort and spaciousness of a saloon, the superior traction of an off-road vehicle, the agility of a sport sedan and—thanks to innovative drive technologies—the efficiency of a compact car.


In the future, Volkswagen wants to offer an exciting SUV in every relevant market segment. The product campaign starts this Spring with the global market launch of the new Tiguan which will also be offered with an extended wheelbase in certain markets. Following in car classes above it are a new mid-size SUV (for the USA and China), the successful Touareg and a vehicle in the style of the T-Prime Concept GTE. Beneath the Tiguan, two new SUV model series will make their debut simultaneously: in the Golf class, there will be an SUV inspired by the T-Roc concept, and the T-Cross Breeze that was presented in Geneva shows the direction that will be taken in the Polo class (SUV).